At Lynge Media, we are going with the emerging trend toward constructive journalism

Constructive journalism attempts to balance the positive and negative angles of a story – to include more relevant angles and nuances than traditional journalism.

For many years, newspapers and magazines have taken an increasingly harsher approach – typically one where the reporter shoots at a person or people who just happen to be in the line of fire.

A story needs drama and sensation, and there needs to be a clear-cut divide between the good and the bad … says who?

Many readers – and quite a few consumers – are sick and tired of the unrestrained sensationalism that focuses on hunting down individuals. They are sick and tired of both the victims and the executioners – and especially of the random decisions about who is the good and who is the bad.

Instead, the readers want solid and factual information based on thorough research and trustworthy sources, preferably presented with more than one possible interpretation – and preferably with a constructive, forward-looking conclusion.

There is always a moon in the dark – even when you cannot see it …

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