A good text gives you a good experience – harmony between content and form

Some companies fear that their customers and business partners will not take them seriously if their letters and texts are friendly and smiling.

However, there is no need to worry. A good text can be creative and serious at the same time – without losing foothold and purpose – and give the reader a good experience. Specific information, special offers, suggestions, corrections … even a payment reminder can be written in a way that makes the readers feel at eye level with the sender and not as if they are being patronized.

Lynge Media can write a friendly text – from scratch or based on your first draft or your notes which we will rewrite with respect for and at eye level with the receiver.

Let us try. You will be surprised when you see the difference between a “formal” text and one that smiles – both in its content and in its form. A good story featuring the right layout and text type.


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