Who are We?

Your language and communication partner

Charlotte says about Verner:
“Verner is a fantastic communicator. He is creative and thinks outside the box. Giving a text an unusual angle comes naturally to him. He has a sharp pen, and he knows how to make a text entertaining and reader-friendly. What is more, he knows how to perform on stage – in fact, he is quite unique there.

Verner is multi-talented: he is a teacher; he has a diploma in computer science; he is a journalist; and he is a photographer. In addition, he has comprehensive experience from companies as different as the former paper mill in Silkeborg and CCI Europe in Aarhus, just to mention a few.”




Verner says about Charlotte:
“The quality must be high – that is both Charlotte’s opening and ending line. When she is responsible for a large or a small project, she is always focused on the result the customer gets. And there is no way she would ever compromise on quality or discuss if a result could be considered ‘just OK’. The quality must be so high that the customer will never get a reason to question it.

Charlotte has a master’s degree in business languages, and both her linguistic ears and eyes work flawlessly. She can hear, speak, read and write great marketing texts or technical texts – in English and Danish. Charlotte has lived and worked in the US and in Germany. In Denmark, she has worked for international companies such as CCI Europe and JS World Media. Needless to say: she is competent, committed, capable.”


Charlotte and Verner Lynge are married, and together they form a great team – as a couple and as business partners.


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